Eerie, Indiana – Joe Dante Walks on Water!

So what can I say about Eerie, Indiana that isn’t covered by the announcement that it was a television show associated with the awesomeness that is Joe Dante. Yes, the man that brought us Piranha, Rock n Roll High School (with both the Ramones and exploding mice), The Howling, Police Squad, Gremlins, Explorers, Inner Space, Gremlins 2, Small Soldiers and so much more.

Well, if that doesn’t cover it, then watch the opening credits (above) … There! Now, what more need I say. Don’t you: a) want to watch it; or b) want to watch it again!

Yes, this was a show for everyone who ever loved horror and wasn’t ashamed to say so. It has everything. All your favorite horror plots, plus humor that is born out of love for the genre rather than embarassment with, or contempt for, it. And yet again, it is kids who keep saving the world, while the bloody adults can’t see what is right under their noses.

It also has the most wonderfully realized small town weirdness.

I may be known for regularly saying that this film or that television show is the greatest thing ever made … but, when I say that about Gremlins 2, I am actually being serious. Eerie Indiana might not quite be Gremlins 2 – surprise, surprise – but there is very little that comes close to it.

It may not always be magnificent but it is always an original. I really can’t think of much to which it could be compared. Its feel and tone and style have a quirkiness which isn’t forced or regulation (like so many contemporary indie movies today). They just have that Joe Dante touch.

And really, I don’t know why I am waffling on about this – you must be itching to watch it, even if you have already seen it before.